Join the Santa Monica Airport Family Movie Night – March 22 and 23

This event was a huge success!

Please register for our Santa Monica Airport Observation Deck Field Trip to put your kids in a real airplane.

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Join our Santa Monica Airport family movie night to watch the Disney movie "Planes."

Join our Santa Monica Airport free family movie night to watch the Disney movie “Planes.”
Santa Monica Airport Family Movie Night

Each kid at this Santa Monica Airport family event gets a free
“I Heart Santa Monica Airport” Sticker and a photo with a real pilot.

“I just saw this movie with the family, and we all thoroughly enjoyed it. My 4 year old grandson went nuts and thought it was wonderful. Nice to see a children’s movie that actually is appropriate for children. My daughter and I actually liked this one better than Cars.”

Parents & Teachers,

For almost 100 years, the Santa Monica Airport has served the local community. In an effort to give back even more, several local businesses and private aviation enthusiasts have joined together to host a free “family movie night” for parents and kids.

Reserve your free ticket for this Santa Monica Flyers family event.

Each ticket grants one parent + a child to a free entry to watch the Disney Movie “Planes.”

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Event Details:

Where: Santa Monica Flyers airplane hangar (Near Typhoon restaurant).
Why: To let local families get access to a fun movie and then see touch and feel a real airplane. It’s a great family film and photo opportunity!
Special Guests: Professional pilots will be there to answer any questions your kids have!
When: Two dates to choose from:
1) Saturday, March 22nd from 6-9pm (Come 1 hour early to enjoy a free photo of you and your child next to an airplane).
2) Sunday, March 23rd from 3-6pm (Come 1 hour early to enjoy a free photo of you and your child next to an airplane).

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