1952 Mooney Mite Commuter Airplane Flies Again

The Mooney M-18 "Mite" is a low-wing, single-place monoplane with retractable, tricycle landing gear.

The Mite was designed by Al Mooney and was intended as a personal airplane marketed to fighter pilots returning from World War II. (Wikepedia)

A young Santa Monica Airport pilot recently restored this 1952 Mooney Mite M18-LA.

Some stats about the Mooney Mite

  • This plane runs on a 65 horsepower Lycoming 0-145-B2 engine.
  • It was originally designed as a single person commuter airplane and was marketed in a way to let people to fly to work.
  • With fuel and a pilot, this plane weighs about 850 lbs.
  • It holds 10 gallons of fuel and only uses 3 gallons an hour.
  • The Mooney Mite has a retractable landing gear, a wooden propeller and cruises at about 105 mph.
  • It can fly with the canopy open letting the pilot truly feel what it is to fly.