Battery powered plane gets a test flight - Elektra One


This video highlights the possibility of electric airplanes that can come to Santa Monica Airport soon. With the popularity of electric cars, we are excited about the future of electric airplanes here at Santa Monica Airport. They will bring clean, quiet, renewable energy to our small airport and allow our community to connect with all that California has to offer.

We found this great video on youtube and wanted to share it with you. It shows how possible it will be to fly electric airplanes very soon here in Los Angeles.

The 2011 Green Flight Challenge sponsored by Google marked a historic achievement in aviation—the first demonstration of practical, cross-country emission-free flight. Team’s winning 4 seat, electric-powered aircraft, the Taurus G4, flew nearly 200 miles non-stop while achieving 403.5 passenger MPG! Its astounding efficiency was more than twice that of the piston-powered aircraft in the competition. Equally promising: Team e-Genius won the Lindbergh Prize for Quietest Aircraft, with a peak take off noise of just 59.5 dBA at a 250 foot sideline. This achievement heralds the real transformative potential unique to electric powered aircraft—the capability to be quiet enough to land very near dwellings and businesses.

The Elektra One is a single seater aircraft that weighs just 440lbs and relies entirely on a series of batteries for its power. The news comes from an article at Wired that reports of the plane's recent test flights in Augsburg, Germany.

The airplane is designed to be energy efficient and quiet. Its propeller spins at 1,400 RPM which reduces the noise of the aircraft. PC-Aero say they are aiming to get at least 3 hours flight out of the design which translate to more than 250 miles range.

Quieter, Greener Flight: The Elektra One plane by PC-Aero is competing to win NASA's CAFE Green Flight Challenge (there's a 1.6 million dollars prize). The goal is to create an aircraft that can "fly 200 miles in less than two hours using the energy equivalent of less than 1 gallon of gasoline per occupant. Team aircraft include those propelled by gasoline, bio-diesel, hydrogen, and electricity." The Elektra One is 100% powered by electricity, and it recently had a successful maiden flight in Germany.

According to Wired: The airplane made its first flight in 2011 in the hands of veteran test pilot Jon Karkow. Designed by Calin Gologan, the Elektra One is part of a bigger package Gologan imagines will one day lead to pilots being able to fly without needing an external power source.