The 15 Best Santa Monica Airport Pictures From January 2014


Each month we snap photos from around Santa Monica Airport of locals and families. From Airports to Parks, Santa Monica has it all. We have a dog park, Clover Park, Soccer Fields, art studios and more.

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Here's a rundown of some of our favorite photos from January.

This little baby is the first person to try out our new "I Heart Santa Monica Airport" stickers.

This group of young Santa Monica locals had a blast with their new Santa Monica Airport stickers after the landed.

This young girl dressed up as Amelia Earhart and posed for a photo. Could she be a future pilot at Santa Monica Airport? We hope so!

This dog owner and her best friend pose for a great pic at the Santa Monica Airport Dog Park.

Leo had a great day in this photo learning about a Cessna 172 from a local pilot. Notice his model airplane in his hand. We might have a future pilot here.

It was a beautiful day for Jamie to visit her doctor at UCLA Medical Center thanks to Angel Flight West here at Santa Monica Airport.

Almost every day there's a beautiful sunset here in Santa Monica. We are lucky to have such clean air at Santa Monica Airport.

Here's a video of Jamie before she heads home from her doctor visit at UCLA. Special thanks to her and her Mother for letting us interview them about their Angel Flight West visit that day.

This happy group was visiting the Santa Monica Dog Park. Look how adorable the little dog is to the right. He's focused on the tennis ball. :)

This beautiful family posed in front of a P51 Mustang in January at Santa Monica Airport.

Watch as this Cessna 172 quietly lands at Santa Monica Airport as it's wheels touch down in the video.

This father and two sons pose on the Santa Monica Airport Observation Deck in front of some P51 Mustang planes.

This fun group of kids and parents smile at sunset in front of the P51 Mustangs.

Luis and his Weimaraner have a blast every week at the Santa Monica Airport Dog Park. He's a big part of the local community. Follow him on Instagram here @LuisWeimaraner.

Lindsay and her adorable little pup had a wonderful day at the Santa Monica Airport Dog Park. They are a big part of the local community here and we are thankful to have them on our site.

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