Fundraiser: Help Fly Children To Healthcare – Angel Flight West

Last year, Angel Flight West held its very first Indiegogo Crowdfunding Campaign, hoping to raise funds to provide an additional 200 flights for sick children to get the medical treatments they so desperately need. The Campaign was a success: raising $58,000, which was enough to fund over 230 flights!

Angel Flight West Indiegogo Crowdfunding Campaign made such a huge difference in so many lives, that we have decided to hold another one this year. With your help, we will change even more lives in 2016!

This year, Angel Flight West has been given $10,000 in matching funds by a generous donor! That means, for every $1 that you donate, our donor also donates $1, So, you’re really donating $2 – up to $10,000!

Real Stories: Klyde

Klyde is a current AFW patient who really needs our help. At 3 years old, Klyde must travel with his mom between their home in Sacramento, California and to Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital in Palo Alto frequently for lifesaving treatments for his liver disease.

So far, Klyde and his mom have flown 10 round trip missions with us. At approximately $250 per round trip, the expenses for AFW soon add up. With your help, we will always be there for Klyde and his family.

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About Angel Flight West

Angel Flight West is a grass roots, volunteer driven, non-profit. We are based at the Santa Monica Airport, and we work with a growing list of awesome pilots (currently 1400+) who volunteer their time and airplanes to fly sick patients to treatment. Currently a third of our patients are children, and we want to help more.

A small child, ravaged by cancer, needs specialized lifesaving treatment at a hospital 300 miles away. A father, separated from his family by a hurricane, wants desperately to be reunited. A domestic-violence survivor longs to start a new life in another city, but cannot afford to leave. These are just a few of the people to whom we offer help and hope.

Another Way You Can Help

Even if you are unable contribute, that doesn't mean you can't make a big difference!

  • Please help us get the word out about our campaign raise!
  • Share this page with your friends and family members who might want to help! It's so easy to do, just use the icons on the left of our launch video to share this page.
  • Email this link to your friends and colleagues, families and co-workers.