Harrison Ford Safely Lands on Golf Course

Earlier today, Harrison Ford completed a perfectly executed forced landing. He chose the Penmar Golf Course, an unpopulated area and no one on the ground was injured.

This skillful landing can be attributed to his many years of pilot training at Santa Monica Airport.

The airplane is registered to Harrison Ford and is a "Ryan PT-22."

Early reports show that the plane had engine trouble after take off and was able to turn around and head back to the airport. However the engine quit and Harrison Ford masterfully put it down on the green of the Penmar golf course pointed East.

This is considered a "forced landing."

There was no post-landing fire. He approached the landing from a gentle glide slope.

The minimal damage to the aircraft shows this was a perfectly executed maneuver.

The nose of the aircraft slightly dug into the small hill at the golf course, causing the engine to partially separate from the firewall.

The airplane is a Ryan PT-22, an Army Training plane built in the mid-'30s (1933) and used as a trainer thru WWII.

This is the only airplane incident in the past 12+ months in West Los Angeles.