Icon A5 Takeoff from Santa Monica Airport

Today an Icon A5 Amphibious Light Sport aircraft took off from Santa Monica Airport.

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About the Icon A5

The ICON A5 is an American amphibious light-sport aircraft being developed by ICON Aircraft. A concept aircraft was first flown in 2008, and creation of the production tooling began in December 2012. The first production aircraft made its first flight on July 7, 2014, and made its public debut at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh on July 27, 2014. (Icon's Wikipedia Page)

Light Sport Category

The Light Sport category is the fastest growing category of aircraft and pilots in the United States. It is a recent development intended to reduce training costs, training time, and regulations. Light Sport is a perfect match for you if you're looking to fly alone or with one other person on leisure flights. Due to the nature of the category, there are several notable benefits to Light Sport Training including: less cost for license, no required medical exam, and less-costly, technologically-advanced aircraft.

Perhaps the greatest benefit, or at least the most fun, is the aircraft are typically less costly and are usually more technologically-advanced. You can buy a new Light Sport Aircraft for less than a third of heavier entry-level planes like the Cessna 172 or Piper Warrior. In fact, both Cessna and Piper offer Light Sport Aircraft that are well liked among Light Sport pilots. This type of aircraft is rapidly changing, but they often share many characteristics such as fuel-efficiency, glass cockpits, and they are easy to fly.

Fuel Efficient And Quiet

Aircraft in this category offer fuel-efficiencies that are roughly twice as good as many general aviation aircraft. Rather than burning nine gallons per flight hour at cruise, you are looking at between four and five gallons per hour at cruise. Since fuel costs make up a significant part of flying costs, whether you are buying or renting an aircraft, you will be able to fly for less.(Aviation Schools Online)

The A5 is a high-wing flying boat-type amphibious monoplane with a carbon fiber airframe and retractable undercarriage. It seats two people in an enclosed 46-inch-wide (116.8 cm) cockpit[5] and is powered by a single 100 hp (75 kW) Rotax 912 iS engine driving a three-bladed pusher propeller. Dornier-style sponsons provide hydrodynamic stability, housing the retracted main landing gear, and act as a step for crew and passenger. The wings can be folded aft for ground transport and storage. Equipment includes an angle of attack indicator, an unusual feature in general aviation aircraft. A whole-airframe Ballistic Recovery Systems parachute is optional, except for in U.S.-registered A5s where it is mandatory, due to ICON's exemption to the U.S. LSA weight limit. The A5 uses many different design elements to provide a manageable stall recovery. Learn more on the Icon A5 wikipedia page.