New Female Aviators: Learn Why Krystin Goodwin Is Learning To Fly At Santa Monica Airport (Video Interview)


Flying isn't my career but it's definitely my passion. - Krystin Goodwin One of the most exciting parts of aviation is seeing how many women have taken the initiative to get their pilot license.

We caught up with Krystin Goodwin via Google Hangout to ask her why she decided to start training for her pilot license at Santa Monica Airport.

What is your day job and where are you from?

I am an on camera journalist and I'm originally from Washington DC. So I was born and raised in Fairfax, Virginia.

What inspired you to start flying?

I grew up right next to Washington Dulles Airport, so ever since I was a little kid, planes were flying over my house. For a while I even lived next to an air force base, so I got very use to airplanes flying over. F-22 jets used to fly over my apartment all the time and I would go to the air shows and eventually I got hooked. Being from outside the Washington DC area, I had a lot of friends and family in the military and in aviation. I always wanted to fly, and even now I am amazed to see planes fly. It’s pretty cool to actually be fulfilling that goal.

How do you find the time to fly?

Krystin Goodwin Flying Sometimes it’s tough. I’m currently in New York working on project at the moment, but I started flying in California. The weather isn’t really involved in California, since it’s beautiful all the time. Being in New York weather is definitely a factor, especially in the winter times. So that’s difficult but I made time on the weekends. I would make sure to go every Sunday, or I would go every Saturday. I would pick a time where I would go and study, and then actually go up in the air and fly for a couple of hours. It’s draining because you’re doing it as much as you can and your trying to expand the time that you go, but if you love something then you’ll make the time. It may be stressful in other aspects of your life but it’s great and I really enjoy it.

Your first flight was at Santa Monica airport, can you describe that?

Krystin Goodwin With Flight Instructor I thought that I was originally in a piper, a low wing plane, and then I checked out my log book and it was actually in a Cessna 172. I’ve been flying in a Cessna for awhile and I've become comfortable in these. I loved flying out of Santa Monica. Aviation in LA is great. There’s so many airports in that area and just getting to be able to fly at the Santa Monica airport was a blast. I flew several times there and I intend to go back. I loved flying there.

My first flight was a high. I can’t describe it other than, it’s really gratifying to do something that you’ve always wanted to do and then get out there and do it. It’s like a combination of fear and success that you’ve accomplished something. It’s a big deal. It’s your first flight.

What is your favorite part of being in the pilot seat?

My first flight instructor, Chris Volk explained it well and I agree with him 100 percent on this. When you’re in the pilot seat there’s nothing you’re thinking about other than flying, even if you have a lot going on in your life. The only thing you are thinking of when you're flying, IS flying. You’re just enjoying it. It's surreal for me, and it’s therapeutic.

What's the most challenging aspect of flying for you?

Krystin Goodwin Stall Recovery Proceedure There’s a lot of challenges in flight. There’s a lot of studying involved and there’s a lot on the line. It’s not like your typical class. For me the stall and recovery procedure was a difficult thing to do get into. So, after I practiced that a few times I was able to conquer that fear and it became better.

To be honest, I was really nervous about it, I almost thought that I wasn’t ready for the stall and recovery procedure. However, I was far into my training and my flight instructor said “you’re definitely ready.' I think having my flight instructor and my significant other's encouragement with me that day gave me the courage to finally conquer this procedure. I finally said “yes, it’s time to try.” It was a great feeling of accomplishment. I was petrified to do this but then I completed it, and it just got easier from there. I tried to apply that to all aspects of training from then on.

What would you tell other young women to inspire them to take that one first introductory flight?

Krystin Goodwin Landing I would say if you’ve ever been interested in flying then why not? I’ve never considered myself a daredevil. I’ve been afraid of heights, and I’m still afraid of heights. I’ve been afraid of roller coasters...I’ve always wanted to fly, but I never thought that I would do it. When you really have a goal and you really want to do something just push yourself and just go for it. Try it. Even one flight could make a difference.

You could find out you love it, or perhaps it could become your calling. For me it isn’t my career but it’s definitely my passion. I think regardless of what industry you’re in and regardless of what you’re trying to accomplish, thinking outside of the box, not being complacent and continuing to strive for your goals, you’ll find out things that you never knew you loved. So, I would say definitely, go for it, try it out.

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