Does Metroplex increase the amount of jets that land at Santa Monica Airport?

What is the FAA's Southern California Metroplex project?

...The SoCal Metroplex project is intended to improve the efficiency of the airspace in Southern California by optimizing aircraft arrival and departure procedures at a number of airports, including Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), Burbank Bob Hope Airport (BUR), Long Beach Airport (LGB), Ontario International Airport (ONT), John Wayne Airport (SNA), Santa Monica Municipal Airport (SMO), Van Nuys Airport (VNY), Palm Springs International Airport (PSP), Santa Barbara Municipal Airport (SBA), and San Diego International Airport (SAN). LAX Airport Website

Will Metroplex increase traffic at Santa Monica Airport?

No, however, Metroplex will make each flight more efficient so that it reduces noise and pollution for all of Southern California residents.

This is not about increasing capacity at Santa Monica Airport.

The reality is, we are not operating anywhere near the capacity that SMO's current system allows for. Under the current system, SMO has seen years in the past with much higher jet traffic.

Metroplex is not about more flights, instead it is about about making each flight more efficient.

Metroplex focuses on making sure current traffic is less impactful on the local community.

The biggest goal of Metroplex is to decouple SMO aircraft operations from LAX.

To understand how airport decoupling works...Imagine rush hour when the on ramps onto a freeway has lights to control merging traffic. Metroplex will essentially remove those onramp lights, eliminating onramp time, and reducing the impact on the local community.

Projected Southern California Metroplex Annual Benefits


These are annual benefits expected to accrue upon completion of the NextGen near-term procedural improvements implemented by the FAA's Metroplex program. They are based on the FAA's preliminary assessment of proposed airspace improvements compared to operations in a year before any improvements were made. The value of the projected fuel savings is based on a $2.85 per gallon rate. The data estimates are current as of July 2015. Source

Will Metroplex require aircraft wait for clearance to depart at SMO?

No, Metroplex is the answer to taking these modern jets and making them more efficient at Santa Monica Airport and LAX.

  • This means less noise at SMO.
  • Less pollution at SMO and LAX.

Metroplex is better for all of Los Angeles, not just those at LAX and SMO.

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