Rededication Ceremony for the DC-3 Monument December 17th @ 10:30am

Thank you to the 100+ people the joined us for this event!

The Douglas DC-3 monument at the Museum of Flying will be rededicated after undergoing an extensive refurbishment project. The rededication ceremony is scheduled to take place on Thursday, December 17, 2015 at 10:30 AM. As part of the ceremony, two DC-3 aircraft will conduct a flyby over the DC-3 monument. The aircraft will fly south of the Airport on a westbound direction at an altitude of approximately 1,500 feet. The aircraft will then continue flying to the shore where they will make their turn northbound before exiting the area.

The rededication ceremony for the DC-3 monument will be held on December 17, 2015. There will be light refreshments and a DC-3 flyby. The ceremony starts at 10:30 AM. Seating is limited, to RSVP, contact the Museum of Flying

The Douglas DC-3 new paint job sparkles in the sunlight!

— Santa Monica Airport (@SantaMonicaAir) December 16, 2015

The Douglas DC-3 monument has new paint and a party tomorrow at 10:30am!

— Santa Monica Airport (@SantaMonicaAir) December 16, 2015