Santa Monica Airport Measure D (Video)

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This video was made by local volunteers that support Santa Monica Airport Measure D.

I’m a Santa Monica resident; have been for years. I have raised two kids here.

Standing at Santa Monica Airport, this place has been here since 1919. The first transworld flight took place here. Amelia Earhart took off from Santa Monica Airport.

Development You look behind me, you see Century City in downtown LA, and there’s a reason why Santa Monica does not look like that. This airport provides us with a protective dome from overdevelopment. It restricts the city of Santa Monica and it’s neighboring communities from building without limits. That means the sky is not the limit, but the city council keeps wanting to go up and up and up.

Community This airport is an integral part of the Santa Monica community. It is an economic engine that drives annually millions and millions of dollars to help support our city. It is also home to hundreds of people who have jobs here and they work hard to support their families.

This job provides a way for me to support my family, provides a living for a lot of us and without this airport being here, we would be out of a job.

Our community, our way of life is being threatened by a unique effort to close Santa Monica Airport. The city of Santa Monica is saying that they want to turn this airport into a “park.” Let’s see about that.

Parks This is Tongva Park. Few years ago, the city bought this beautiful parcel of land and they built a park but look what else they built for you?

More Development There, you got your park but at what price? More traffic, more density, big developments --all happily provided to us by our city government.

Do you really think that the most valuable parcel of land left here on the west side is going to be turned into a park? It is worth billions of dollars. Developers are just standing in line, readying to back candidates who are up for election.

Let’s look at their most recent parks in downtown Santa Monica. You got your park, but you also got all these developments. A parcel of land worth billions of dollars, I could imagine, might look something like this (shows an image of a very industrialized city).

Traffic Estimates vary but we can all agree that Santa Monica does not need anymore traffic. How does 20,000 more cars sound to you?

No one wants to see this land turn into high density housing in the city Santa Monica during rush hour. They are rock solid. We can’t take in the kind of development, the kind of density that developers want to put in here.

Air Traffic They talk about the pollution from airplanes but I bet they haven’t mentioned that in the last 14 years, air traffic has dropped 45 percent here in Santa Monica Airport.

The city of Santa Monica has spent millions of taxpayer dollars trying to close Santa Monica Airport. It supports first responders; that’s police, fire, emergency medical transplant deliveries. They’ve gone to court and lost repeatedly. Now, the city of Santa Monica is prepared to spend millions more of your tax dollars trying to close the airport. Here they go again.

The future of Santa Monica is in your hands. Please don’t leave this beautiful 227 acres of valuable land in the hands of pro development politicians.

Vote Yes on Measure D to Vote For The Future of Santa Monica Airport We, the voters of Santa Monica, need to retain control. This November, go out and vote Yes on Measure D and no on Measure LC. Only Measure D can stop development in Los Angeles, around Santa Monica. Vote Yes on Measure D. The voters decide measure.