Santa Monica Airport Helps Pilots N Paws Find Dogs A New Family (Video Interview)


Ben is a volunteer pilot and flew a Labrador for Pilots N Paws With the great weather and 26+ parks, it's no wonder that dogs are a huge part of our community in Santa Monica. This is the perfect place for a dog and owner to enjoy the clean air and a healthy outdoor lifestyle.

We caught up with Ben Marcus, a Santa Monica resident, born and raised here, and he was nice enough to share with us a very special story about a program that connects dogs with families.

Tell us a little about yourself.

My name is Ben Marcus. I am a volunteer pilot for Pilots N Paws. This is my dog Dubi. We're Santa Monica residents. I was born and raised here in Santa Monica and I've been flying at Santa Monica Airport since 1992. I want to tell you a little bit about Pilot N Paws. This is a volunteer pilot organization, one of many throughout the country and we have many pilots based here at Santa Monica Airport.

What does Pilots N Paws do?

Pilots N Paws Dog Staring Out of Window We fly dogs and other animals that are in need of transportation. Whether they're going from a shelter to their new adopted homes or maybe they're going to see a specialist for health certain care that they can't get locally. There are hundreds of various volunteer pilot missions flown from Santa Monica Airport each year. A couple of examples of missions I have flown: one was a Labrador mix that was in a high kill shelter in Utah that had to be flown to it's new adopted family in California. Utah has a lot of Labrador puppy mills and so they end up put a lot of dogs that don't have homes. Here in California we have a lot of demand for those kinds of dogs so we brought a Labrador from Utah back to California.

Pilots N Paws Two White Dogs I also flew a pair of Bichons, mixes also that had a new family up in Northern California. I kept them in the back of my airplane and we flew from here up to Santa Rosa.

Who pays for Pilots N Paws?

Pilots N Paws missions are paid for by the volunteer pilots who are donating their time, the airplane and the fuel. We look for reasons to go flying and what better reason than to help an animal? We're proud of the work that we do in Pilots N Paws and we're very excited about our future here at Santa Monica airport helping dogs like mine twho need to find a home. Find and more about Pilots N Paws.

A dog is delivered to their new family thanks to Ben and other volunteers at Pilots N Paws.