Santa Monica Airport Family Flight (Father and Kids Video)


This is a video shot by RobWhollandCA that we thought was a great overview of a Santa Monica Airport family flight. The video starts off by watching planes land at the airport observation deck. You get to see several small planes takeoff and land.

Then, you follow a father and his daughter + son as they begin preparing their Cirrus SR22 for flight. With both kids strapped in the back seat, they take off over Los Angeles and fly on a clear, calm day.

at 2 Min 44 seconds The father performs a routine G-force maneuver by letting the kids feel a climb and decent (see the little girl giggle and put her arms in the air).

Each of the kids with their father on the Bose Aviation X noise canceling headsets.

At the end of the video you see the plane land and both kids helping their father tie down the plane.

The videographer did a GREAT job editing this segment. This video show's what's possible at Santa Monica Airport.