Santa Monica Airport News - June 2014


Santa Monica Airport Building Santa Monica Airport news is a hot topic these days. In an effort to bring you the latest information about the ballot measure and local issues, we have put together this blog post with much of the most pressing Santa Monica Airport News we could find this month.

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Santa Monica Airport advocates claim two commissioners have conflicts

La Times - June 25th, 2014 Stepping up their recent offensive, group fighting efforts to close Santa Monica Airport have accused two city officials of conflict of interest in their efforts to scale back and shut down the historic airport.

Council Supports Competing Airport Ballot Measure

Lookout News - June 25, 2014 City staff has lots of work to do in the next couple weeks as it attempts to produce a ballot measure to compete with one proposed by aviation interests aiming to prohibit the City from making any changes to the airport without voter approval.

SMO Airport Officials Accused of Conflict of Interest

AIN Online - June 24, 2014, 2:45 PM Santa Monica Airport proponents launched two efforts yesterday that accuse city council and airport commission members of financial conflicts of interest in the city’s efforts to close Santa Monica Airport (SMO). Santa Monica Airport Association (SMAA) sent a letter to city attorney Marsha Moutrie alleging that council members Tony Vazquez and Ted Winterer, who both own homes in Santa Monica, have a financial conflict of interest with regards to votes they have made and will make as members of the city council.

Santa Monica Airport Activists Attempt to Ground Lawsuit

Lookout News - June 17, 2014 Santa Monica Airport supporters filed a motion to dismiss a lawsuit filed against a proposed initiative that would make it more difficult to shut down the century-old airfield.

Santa Monica Airport Supporters Fight Back with Petitions

Flying Magazine - Jun 12, 2014 With only about a year left until the July 2015 deadline, when the Santa Monica city council claims it can take back a large parcel of land currently occupied by the Santa Monica Airport, airport supporters are fighting back with signed petitions that were turned in to the city clerk's office this week.

Santa Monica Airport Ballot Initiative Gathers More Than 15,500 Signatures

Santa Monica Mirror - JUN. 13, 2014, 8:45 AM A group of proponents aiming to amend the Santa Monica City Charter to require voters approve any potential plans to redevelop the local airport submitted more than 15,500 signatures to City Hall on Tuesday.

Santa Monica residents seek control of airport

Biz Journals - Jun 20, 2014, 1:06pm PDT Santa Monicans seem to relish their political processes. The latest grass-roots movement by residents of the coastal city is a campaign to gain a say with regard to the local airport.

Letter: Backing the airport

Santa Monica Daily Press - June 9, 2014 The airport is not just for the good of the city. It is part of the nationwide transportation network. Should Santa Monica also have the right to tear up portions of the I-10 and PCH that run through the city, and convert them to parks or residential use?

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