Learn About Santa Monica Measure LC

Measure LC gives the city council full authority (without voter approval) to close and redevelop the airport.

Learn more about Santa Monica Measure LC I’m a mom living in Downtown Santa Monica. I chose to live in Downtown Santa Monica and I’m voting YES on D and NO on LC. The Office of Emergency Management says when a bigger earthquake hits here in Santa Monica this place turns into an island. That means the airport is the only outlet for getting medical supplies, support and food. I don’t know about you but I want to make sure that airport is staying open. I have a baby and it would be a huge worry to know that that wasn't there. Now get out there and vote. Vote YES on D, it’s for democracy, and NO on LC. That’s loser’s choice. Easy one to remember.

If Measure LC Passes:

  • SMO Immediate neighbors stand to gain 20-40% in real estate value at the expense of the rest of Santa Monica Residents.
  • The mayor has admitted to taking money from developers.
  • The largest contributor to the LC campaign is one of the city’s largest developers.
  • 2 airport commission members are under investigation for conflict of interest as they stand to gain substantially from LC.
  • The spokesman for LC (Fairweather) published a document claiming 100 departures occurred on a day when the airport was closed due to weather. The city applauded his findings.
  • The city manager is on record pointing out that the airport will become a high density development.