Support Santa Monica Airport - Attend Tuesday's City Council Meeting - 3/25

Support The Santa Monica Airport by attending the March 25th Santa Monica City Council Meeting Dear Friends,

Some locals wish to close the Santa Monica Airport and have quietly been lobbying the Santa Monica City Council.

In an effort to keep this airport open for the next generation, we have copied below a message from the Santa Monica Airport Association.

This Tuesday night is an important chance for you to attend a city council meeting and show your support for the Santa Monica Airport.

Event Details:

When: Tonight (Tuesday) March 25th at 6:30pm until 10:00pm (show up any time you can for as long as you can) Where: Santa Monica City Hall (1685 Main St. Santa Monica, CA 90401) (Map) Why: To show support for our little airport

You should attend March 25th's City Council Meeting if:

  • Your kids enjoy visiting the observation deck to watch planes takeoff.
  • You use the local parks around Santa Monica Airport.
  • You visit the dog park near Santa Monica Airport.
  • You eat at Typhoon or Spitfire Restaurant.
  • You enjoy the Santa Monica Airport Art Walk (and all of the art studios that contribute).

At this Tuesday's City Council meeting a city staff report will be accepted by the City Council calling for immediate preparations to close Santa Monica Airport that has been in continuous operation since 1917.

The city of Santa Monica will attempt to remove 40% of the runway to restrict all aviation. If this is allowed to happen, it will destroy one of the finest airports in America, and one of vital importance to the people here in the Los Angeles metropolitan area.

[su_box title="Message From The Santa Monica Airport Association:"]

The Santa Monica Airport Association is asking for your help! Here is what you can do: Please attend the council chambers Tuesday night March 25th at 6:30pm.

If you are able, be prepared to speak for two minutes about what the airport means to you and your family.

If you are interested, here are some of the facts about the airport:

- Noise has been successfully mitigated under the terms of the existing agreement between. Added to the fact that modern aircraft are becoming quieter every year, noise is not a major factor compared to other local sources such as vehicle traffic and construction.

- There is no credible evidence of serious pollution being caused by operations at the airport. The 2010 EPA study showed absolutely no cause for concern about aviation fuel, although there are indications that it will soon be possible have unleaded fuel for all aircraft.

- There are no reliable statistics that show any health or safety issues related to the airport. Acre for acre, Santa Monica Airport is safer, cleaner, more productive, and quieter than most other parts of the city by almost any measure.

- As local citizens, and Americans, we have a responsibility to look at the big picture too. This airport is a vital part of the nation’s air commerce and transportation infrastructure.

- Aircraft come from the far corners of the globe every day to Santa Monica and Southern California, and the business they bring is an estimated $270 million+ dollars a year.

- Did you know that Santa Monica Airport is a vital reliever for LAX. And, if closed your LAX airline ticket would cost more. Also, many of your flights would be delayed significantly.

- More than 800 Angel Flight volunteer medical transports happen right here every year thanks to our 1,900 volunteer pilots.

- Time-critical donor organs arrive here by jet aircraft to save scores of lives each year.

- The airport is your lifeline and mine in times of disaster because we live in a metropolis that is almost totally dependent upon its roads and would be vulnerable to great hardship and tragedy if there were no airport here.

This Airport cannot be put back if we discover later that we have made a mistake. Once this land is commercially developed, which it most certainly will be if the airport closes, we will be forever stuck with the congestion and pollution of a new “Century City West”.

It is time to bring the City Council to their senses! Let your voice be one of the wake-up calls heard on Tuesday night March 25th @ 6:30PM.