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Our events have inspired 3,000+ kids in Mar Vista, Venice, Culver City, Los Angeles, Santa Monica and the surrounding neighborhoods. Our airport creates 1,500 jobs and brings $245MM in business to the local community. Put your kids in a real airplane at one of our next events. Learn more about our history join our mailing list to help support us.

Here are our latest airport updates:

Santa Monica Airport Lawsuit Updates

Santa Monica Airport Lawsuit Updates from December 2016

We wrote this blog up to bring you some of the latest news updates from November and December 2016. The Federal Aviation Administration on Tuesday ordered Santa Monica to halt the evictions of two aviation companies at its municipal airport until the agency can finish an investigation into the city’s effort to shut down the […]

Santa Monica Airport faa

FAA says Santa Monica Airport stays until 2023

The FAA ruled on December 4th that the Santa Monica Airport can operate until at least 2023 due to federal grant obligations. Santa Monica Daily Press says: The City of Santa Monica is required to operate the Santa Monica Airport until 2023 according to a ruling by the Federal Aviation Administration. The FAA issued a […]

Mooney Mite at Santa Monica Airport

1952 Mooney Mite Commuter Airplane Flies Again

The Mooney M-18 “Mite” is a low-wing, single-place monoplane with retractable, tricycle landing gear. The Mite was designed by Al Mooney and was intended as a personal airplane marketed to fighter pilots returning from World War II. (Wikepedia) A young Santa Monica Airport pilot recently restored this 1952 Mooney Mite M18-LA. Some stats about the […]

Electric Pipistrel

Electric Aircraft At SMO? Join the next Airport Commission Meeting

A local Santa Monica Resident (Dave Hopkins) will be presenting the benefits of electric aircraft at the Santa Monica Airport Commission meeting on Monday, November 23rd at 7:30pm. Please feel free to come out and join the meeting at city hall to learn about (and support) electric aircraft at Santa Monica Airport. Here are some […]

Santa Monica Airport Development

Closing Santa Monica Airport: Something does not add up

Opponents of Santa Monica airport, including all seven members of the Santa Monica City Council and a tiny minority of Santa Monica households, .0001%, from August 2015 airport reports, are working to close the airport, they claim, on the grounds of noise, safety and pollution. Their arguments make no sense and don’t add up. Let’s […]

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